Hotel Facilities

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Pool Facilities

Between our hotel facilities dominate the two swimming pools. One swimming pool for adults and one swimming pool for children. Along the swimming pools there are sunbeds and umbrellas ensuring that you will be safe and not under the sun. Open Shower is available by the pool and a shower is requested before entering the water. The swimming pools are checked and controlled everyday ensuring that the quality of the water is in the highest possible level. The sunbeds get disinfected daily according to the new health protocols.

Sitting Lounge Area and pool facilities at Astra Sarti Luxury Suites

Sitting Lounge Area

For those who would like to enjoy their breakfast their lunch or their coffee in the evening reading a book playing cards or chatting with friends in the garden. There is a Sitting Lounge Area available by the pool. For those who will get thirsty a soft drink automatic machine is available 24/7.

Barbeque Facilities

Barbeque along with all the equipment needed is available by the Sitting Lounge Area. Our hotel facilities at your disposal any time of the day .

Barbecue facilities at Astra Sarti Luxury Suites


Private parking place is available for all of our guests marked with the number of the room. Tent with sun protection is available in order for the cars to be protected by the sun.

Private parking with sun protection at Astra Sarti Luxury Suites

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